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Radio Frequencies

Do you own a scanner? Do you ever hear our sirens and wonder where we're going and what we're doing? Tune in to Dispatch to hear Bradford County Dispatch "punch" alarms for ambulances and fire stations all over Bradford County.Or listen to one of the other listed to hear our surrounding Fire and EMS units.

County Dispatch: 154.265
County Fire F-2: 154.265
County Fire F-3: 155.265
County Fire F-4: 154.385 (Landing Zones)
County Fire F-5: 154.220
County Fire F-6: 154.325
County Fire F-7: 153.830 (Fire Police)
County Fire F-8: 153.950

Bradford County EMS 467.950
Bradford County Police 155.415
Bradford County EMA 158.835
Lycoming County Dispatch 154.430
Tioga County Dispatch 154.455
Tioga Co. PA Low Band Fire 33.780
Sullivan Coutny Dispatch 154.130
Hospital State Wide 155.340
Canton School District 151.685
Canton Twsp/Boro 156.240
National Police 155.475


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